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A Black metal card for Vanguards

2022Moon X Card Draw


⁃ This event is a free service that customizes your actual card with a 2022 MOON metal card. (Including shipping cost)


⁃ This event is only for Mooners with 2022 MOON Vanguard NFT.


⁃ This event will be held with Card Draw, a partnership of 2022MOON, and detailed application methods will be announced later.


Vanguard Application Form


Application link:


*Vanguard coupon number:

*Sender name:

*Delivery address:

*Sender Contact number:


*English name on the card you are sending:

*English name imprinted on the card you are receiving:

*Card chip size (big chip/small chip):

*Card front design: M orGR

*Card Back Design: Choose 1 out of 6 designs

  (B, H, V1, V2, V3, V4)


*Please attach a photo of the front of the card (if your personal information is exposed, please attach it after masking it).

*Please write your contact number on the front of the card and send it to me.

*Address to be sent:

Card Draw, unit# 216 on the 2nd floor of FamilyTown, Seshinguyuh 12 Yangsan-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul


👌Required confirmation

* If you don't see the coupon number, please pm to admin


-> @chris2022m




*Please write your contact number on the front of the card you are sending.

*You need to send it by courier! Registration X

*Customization will be completed within up to 48 hours of receipt of the card.

*We are not responsible for any damage caused by misrepresentation/missing of the above order form.

* If you send it from overseas, you will pay for the delivery fee.

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